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Films about Little Smile

Children’s Village Little Smile Mahagedara

Lukas Möllenbeck had only just finished school and saved enough money when he started his trip through Asia like so many others of his generation. One day, of course, he realized that he never really arrived at the place he was and thus never really experienced the country and its people. He had the courage to accept that fact and act accordingly, something only few people do. He came to Little Smile, lived with the boys and Bawani in Hill Top and suddenly he was no longer a tourist but had arrived in a completely different world – the world of Little Smile in Sri Lanka.

Protection of environment in Little Smile

Lukas was so impressed, that he returned in his first semester break. There were so many things to see and to admire. A children’s aid organization that also protects the nature, fights for trees and wild animals and even establishes a nature reserve. Where normally you only find empty words, Little Smile acts, and this is also true when it comes to the protection of the environment.