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The children’s village Mahagedara

At the beginning of 2014 56 children between 3 and 17 years were living in Little Smile’s first project. Especially children from extremely difficult social backgrounds get a chance here. Many of them are incapable of attending a normal school. In the children’s village near Koslanda they get special support and are promoted in a targeted way. And this is why operating and running costs are relatively high.

Girls’ homes in Palugamam

Particularly on the East coast the civil war has created a great deal of suffering and poverty. And as if that was not enough a tsunami came. Since 2005 Little Smile helps in the former crisis-torn area between Kalmunai and Batticaloa and offers girls protection and support in three houses.

Girls’ home in Monaragala

This sparsely populated province is one of the country’s poorest regions. Many parents cannot afford to send their children to school, they live isolated and therefore, these children have no chance to improve their future prospects with education. Little Smile supports the “Children Development Centre (CDC)” in Monaragala and pays for the entire management of this institution in which at the beginning of 2014 46 girls were living.

Children’s home in Badulla

Many Tamils live in the provincial capital of this mountain region. They moved from the tea plantations to the city looking for a better life. A great amount of them are women with children, who had been abandoned by their husbands and thus became homeless. The girl’s home St. Ursula is one of the country’s oldest children’s homes and it was founded when Ceylon still was a British colony. The nuns who worked there have lost everything by expropriation and therefore at the beginning of 2011 the children’s home had not enough money to support the girls who were living there. As of mid 2011 Little Smile pays for the maintenance and thus guarantees – for an initial three years – that in St. Ursula girls can live, learn and laugh.

International School in Kalmunai (East Coast)

2010 and 2011 a school for up to 1,000 children was built on the outskirts of Kalmunai. Responsible for the teaching are Catholic nuns. Equipment and funding of operational costs is urgently needed here.

Teaching hospital for traditional medicine in Buttala

Between 2005 and 2008 the country’s only privately operated place, where the knowledge of traditional medicine is not only preserved but also transferred, was installed in the steppe near Buttala. Apart from the teaching hospital, houses for teachers and caretakers were built, reservoirs set up for watering and a mango plantation established. As of mid 2008 primarily young women from poor families get the chance to learn and in some cases also live here. The first “traditional medicine doctors” received their state-approved diplomas in the middle of 2011.

Cultural and peace centre Pilane near Galle

Between 2005 and 2009 children from families uprooted by the tsunami received free teaching here. Since 2009 the 2 hectare big area has been remodeled into a meeting and peace centre. Traditional teaching halls, meditation places, supply and sanitary stations are set up for up to 500 visitors.

Support of schools

Especially in rural areas the quality of schooling is a mere catastrophe. The lack of qualified teachers, the neglect of maintenance, bad facilities and constant new and totally unrealistic curricula lead to the fact that more and more young leave school after 10 years without being able to read or write correctly. Little Smile is actively engaged in the training of teachers, payment of temporary teachers and helps with renovations and repairs.

Daily social work

There is still so much to do in one of the poorest regions of Sri Lanka. No matter if it is about the support of abandoned pregnant women, the establishment of kindergarten and pre-schools, projects for single mothers with children or the assistance in cases of death, i.e. the funeral expenses, Little Smile helps where help makes sense and is most needed.

Medical and legal assistance for prisoners

After Michael Kreitmeir’s imprisonment in August 2010 he knows how it is behind bars. In a developing country such as Sri Lanka especially prisoners have little rights and medical or social assistance is a catastrophe. If you cannot afford legal assistance in the mostly long-term trials you have scarcely any chance to find justice. Little Smile helps in the prison where Michael Kreitmeir had been arrested – a medical station had been set up, better structures established which guarantee that every prisoner gets legal assistance.

Support of culture and religion

The Franciscan Order received land with a tea garden and a big house to found the country’s first noviciate. The Buddhist monks in Nikkapotha got a house for their 30 little monks, the monk in the jungle of Gampaha also got a house and the temple near Wellawaya got a new roof. The desperately poor villages around the tea plantations got help in the construction of their Hindu temple and the reconstruction of the Hindu temple (Kovil) in Koslanda was also supported.
Little Smile wants to continue that assistance to enable Sri Lanka’s cultural, social and religious roots – of all religions and philosophies – to thrive and stay strong, because all these places and communities are the source of the values that teach us a peaceful co-existence without selfishness and greed.

Little Smile has deliberately stopped the arrangement of sponsorships

We can only assess the needs on the ground and decide what will be necessary in the long-term and what is needed most urgently right at the moment. Michael Kreitmeir, founder and director of the children’s aid organization, has been living in Sri Lanka for more than 10 years and faces all the problems and difficulties which result from sustainable help without compromises in terms of donator’s spirit of time or expectations of Sri Lanka’s powerful.
Existing sponsorships for children, projects or school visits will of course continue, but new sponsorships will not be arranged.

Trust is not simply the beginning of everything, it is the basis for an effective and sustainable assistance. Only if you trust in us and believe that we are daily making great efforts to use your donations responsibly and wisely, only then we can do what Little Smile has been standing for in Sri Lanka for more than 10 years now.

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