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Little Smile Organic – partner for Little Smile and the nature

The LSO farm – a role model for organic farming in Dikkapitia

You cannot claim to take care of children if, at the same time, you contaminate food, air and water – or at least accept it.

Organic farming provides health for humans and nature. When it comes to an efficient protection of the environment in agriculture, past experience is as precious as the intelligent use of modern technology.

Since organic food has become popular all over the world, in the long run, this kind of farming offers farmers the possibility to increase their income without depending on the chemical industry. New opportunities to generate income and a higher social status can thus help to attract more young people to work in agriculture. And this is extremely important, because there are hardly any capable young people who are willing to work in agriculture.
In 2005 Michael Kreitmeir founded the company Little Smile Organic to:

a) Offer young people – especially those from the Children’s Village – a professional training,
b) teach a form of agriculture that protects nature,
c) give work to women in need – especially widows – and
d) support LSA’s social projects with the gained profit.

Being a social organization, the Little Smile Association is not allowed to make profits and accumulate reserves. Therefore, the company Little Smile Organic was founded to help to secure financial independence in the long-term, particularly for the Children’s Village Mahagedara. Little Smile Organic is a BOI (Board of Investment) approved project which is solely financed with private money and works closely together with the German company AVO in Belm.

We are looking for more partners/clients for the sales of organic spices!
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