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Sister's dreams - a big challenge

About ten years ago, our dance and kindergarten teacher, Indrani, asked me a favour. She wanted to visit the Carmel Convent in Kalmunai where she grew up as an orphan. I said YES not knowing that this visit would change my life.

It all began with a nun standing in the middle of a chaotic construction site gently asking me, “Dear Sir, can you please do me a little favour?” Oh my God, the word “little” was not at all suitable here!

After many difficulties we had to overcome and a lot of hard work, sister Lucrece’s dream finally came true: The Carmel convent in Kalmunai got a school. My 85-year old father, Hermann-Josef Kreitmeir, came from Germany to take part in the opening ceremony.


I was so happy that we made it, but then....



…I realized that sister Lucrece’s dream wasn’t fulfilled yet, she had so many more wishes and she showed that her will can move mountains and make dreams come true, leaving me once again with hands full of plans and bunches of problems.

The second time we laid a foundation stone in the Kalmunai convent, I almost sank into the mud: A little foretaste of the upcoming bigger difficulties.

Every journey begins with the first step and if you continue walking, you will one day …

Rome wasn’t built in a day neither was the second school we built in Kalmunai, but it was built extremely solid – virtually a school made for eternity.

Some people give up when it gets difficult, Little Smile, however, grows with its challenges – as it happened in Kalmunai.

«Carpe Diem» – Seize the day. This is my motto and that of Little Smile, and thus after more than 300 days full of hard work we were able to donate another school building, the Maria Theresia College, to the youth of Sri Laka’s eastern coast, a place to teach and learn, a place to ask questions and grow up.

Die Eröffnung an den “Iden des Märzes anno 2017”.

And where is the new building: Just around the corner, let’s have a look.