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In February 1999 my friend, Bandula, and I were able to find a suitable plot of land in the highlands near Koslanda, which met the following criteria:
In March 1999 it was possible to purchase 5 ha. for the LITTLE SMILE ASSOCIATION. Michael Kreitmeir was able to make the purchase with financial support from Bavarian Television's benefit campaign, "STERNSTUNDEN".

The property included a house with electricity supply and a telephone line. After reconstruction this now serves as our office and guest house.

The site was in an appalling condition: totally derelict and overgrown. Most of the valuable timber had been cut down long ago. Instead there were plenty of thorn bushes and snakes, and elephant grass in abundance.

There were no building materials available locally. Good bricklayers and electricians could be found, but some of them had to be brought in from a long way away. In spite of these difficulties - thanks especially to the untiring efforts of Mr. Bandula - it was possible to transform a patch of hostile jungle in mountainous terrain into a place of hope for children who had been left without any hope for the future.

Little Smile seen from a nearby mountain:

Top portion with the guest house, both of the girl's houses, the boy's house and the school
Bottom portion with part of the workshop and the educational center