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Is the world going to end in 2017?

Thoughts at the turn of the year

Believe me the world is not sadder or worse than at any other time since humans exist. The problem is that we learn about each human tragedy no matter how far away it has occurred. We experience a flood of news and the multiplication of it through constant repeating and see all these pictures of war and other catastrophes. More than a billion mobile phones take pictures from everything and bring it into our lives. What applies here too is that less is more and that we should allow ourselves the luxury to escape this permanent sprinkling of so-called news. There is a very simple but effective medicine: I never access the internet with my smartphone, I don’t use it for the exchange of news and I frequently just turn it off. Furthermore, I rarely use the internet or watch the so-called news there. Why should I? It has no effect to your and my life that some people were shot on New Year’s Eve in a disco in Istanbul. It is very sad, of course, but my sadness doesn’t make it any better. Instead of being happy that there are hundreds of thousands of discos, in which people were peacefully celebrating the New Year, we are in a doomsday mood because of that one in Istanbul. And of course it is not good that a person like Trump will take over the power in one of the mightiest nations in the world – and on top of that democratically elected – but I think his real power is overestimated. He has certainly no power over my life unless he would send his soldiers directly to Sri Lanka. The world has handled already bigger idiots before him, but unfortunately, people haven’t learned their lessons from it.

So don’t let the flood of messages fool us, let us shut our ears from time to time and enjoy the wonderful things in life which are still in good order and the precious people with whom we are sharing our lives. I am practically only surrounded by problems – egoisms, destruction and a lack of harmony and profoundness. I address this with my faith, my strength, my optimism and love and last but not least my smile.

And with this in mind the glass is not half empty but half full, the glass I raise in a toast asking us all to make the world a bit better wherever we get the chance to do so instead of grieving about the things we cannot change. My wish for 2017 is first of all health and strength and of course, composure, and all this I wish for all the people of good will too – fortunately, I know some them.

Well and should the world really come to an end in 2017 I will experience it until the very last moment because then at least I am there when it all happens. Until then, however, I will greet my three best friends on each new morning that is given to me so that they will accompany me through the new day: faith, love and hope.