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1. journey to Kalmunai after the Tsunami

December 26th – 29th, 2004

The Little Smile children help as well.
Reasonable help that reaches the target. Headmaster Anton and Manuel Kreitmeir left Little Smile child's village for the East coast at night on December 27th, 2004 carrying first aid medication.
Little Smile helpers arrive in a destroyed world at the East coast after 2 days of travelling.
Another catastrophe after 20 years of civil war.
Pure devastation in the city of Kalmunai, more than 500 metres off the beach.
This woman and her child were able to escape alive, all possessions are gone.
Not even concrete walls could stand the wave.
Only ruins are left from the place where 19 children had a home before.
These kids survived because their home was 1 kilometre off the beach.
What is left?                                                          
How shall it go on?