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Phase 3: July - September 1999

There are no building regulations, so that Bandula and Michael Kreitmeir can plan the houses as they wish. Trenches for the foundations are dug in the earth which has been banked up and stamped down.
In this mountainous region solid foundations are especially important. It is therefore necessary to dig down to the bedrock. Granite blocks and a lot of cement are then used to build on these foundations.
It is very difficult to get stone, bricks, timber, iron, cement and all the other building materials to the site. It is not just that prices go up virtually every week. Mr. Bandula is away most of the time in order to obtain the best quality. He regularly works a 20 hour day.
12-year-old Manuel Kreitmeir spends the entire summer holidays in the highlands and discovers why he so often has to live without his father in Germany.