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Phase 5: January - May 2000

A high fence was built around the whole site, including the jungle at the bottom. This fence should protect the plantations against wild pigs, porcupines and thieves from the neighbourhood. The fence should also serve to demonstrate, though, that there is a boundary here and that on the Little Smile side of the fence other laws operate - humanitarian laws. At the same time it will also prevent all sorts of boundary disputes.
Unter einem mächtigen "heiligen" Baum wird ein kleiner buddhistischer Tempel gebaut und ein Holzkreuz errichtet. Feierliche Eröffnung mit allen Kindern, Angestellten und Arbeitern von Little Smile war am Samstag, den 20. Mai.
Work was completed on the wash-house, the generator room, the pump-house, the well and all the storm drains (about 800m of pipes had to be laid underground). Construction work continued on supporting walls, drainage channels and roads. A chicken run, secure against big cats, was built and a large vegetable garden laid out.
We began construction of a school, teachers' accommodation and a further children's home.