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Phase 6: June - Oktober 2000

As soon as the rainy season ended we began the construction of new water tanks and the extension of old ones. These tanks now hold more than 50,000 litres of water which is urgently needed for the plantations during the rainy season.
Below the children's homes on the way to the temple walls were built to create terraces. Earth and manure were brought to provide the basis for growing medicinal plants. By the end of October 2000 more than 180 medicinal plants had been planted, some of which had already become very rare.
After extensive groundwork (levelling and creation of a solid base), construction of the school and teachers' accommodations began at the beginning of 2000. The building work becomes a race against the weather, because we have to get the roof on before the beginning of the rainy season at the end of September.
Not only did the price of cement and timber double within a year. It became increasingly difficult to obtain sufficient building materials at all. Nevertheless: Where there's a will, there's a way!
The school was rain-proof just in time at the beginning of October. The children were proud to take their place together with the childcare workers in front of the building where they are going to be able to begin their lessons in January 2001.