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Phase 7: November - December 2000

We finished finally on the morning of 7 December!
With singing and dancing, the children greet their guests in front of the new school, which was christened "Füssen".
Everyone had worked through the night. At 7.28 a.m. it was time for the monks to speak.  
The milk boiled over - a good omen! Marco, Michael Kreitmeir's son, was being explained what was going on.
All the workers, their families, the staff and the children celebrated this important milestone.
Without education our children will have no future. So it was the children themselves who performed a programme of singing and dancing.
We have to help many of our children deal with their fears. 
Trust can be learned. 
A hanging bridge over a fierce jungle river: Never look down, always look up! Never look back, always look ahead!
On Christmas Eve all the Tamil workers were invited along with their families. These men, who for two years had worked extremely hard for the children's home, were our guests on this occasion.
Michael Kreitmeir was able to enjoy a special Christmas present: a day together with his family in Little Smile.