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Phase 11: August - December 2001

The shower at the small stream which flows through our property is finished just in time. Every drop of water is precious during the continuing drought.
At the beginning of August, Doktor Jayawardana, our Wedemama, moves into the new employee quarters in the village. The Ayurveda doctor will take special care of the weaker children like Chaturi.
A happy reunion in mid-August:
Pater Bosco, at whose childrens'home Michael Kreitmeir helped build housing 3 years ago, visits Little Smile with some of his children.
On 29 August, the time has arrived: 
On this day of full moon, the Hindu temple at Little Smile is dedicated festively.
Even our smallest, 3-year-old Mali, wouldn't miss this and, shortly before midnight, she falls asleep in the arms of her "Lokuthatha".
An unforgettable vacation nears its end.
Manuel has become a big brother for the children, who now call him "Manuel-Aja".
In September, before the rainy season, our 86-year-old gardener Motusami gets a tin roof for his shack. His sick wife and the 8-year-old daughter will also have a dry refuge.
The open-air classroom and dancing area are completed at the end of September.
But for a while, it will have to be used for drying homemade bricks.
Our Hindu temple gets a roof before the rainy season arrives. The edges around the entrance have to be reinforced with a wall of granite.
The difference in elevation between the water tanks and the new building on the lower part of our property is more than 150 meters. To compensate for the high water pressure, a new water tank has to be built below the girls' house.
The long-awaited monsoon and its rain finally arrives at the end of October. In the evenings, the village is often cloaked in fog (here a view of the school). The rain usually starts around 2 p.m. and lasts approximately 3 hours.
Improved security! 
On 30 October, we celebrate the new watchtower next to the village's entrance.
On 12 November, construction is complete on the laborers' house, with generator-room, below the carpentry workshop.
Although younger than Gimsha, Teena, Chandrika, Niluka and Sandamali, Nishara is the second girl in Little Smile to have her first period, which is celebrated in Little Smile on 14 November. 
After an interruption due to the rainy season, construction on the second drinking-water well resumes at the end of November.
At the beginning of December, it is Niluka's turn. Childhood ends for another girl in the Little Smile family.
After an early-morning washing ritual, Niluka returns as a young woman to her home, the "Sunshine House".
After a long sea journey and many problems with customs officials in Colombo, finally success! Two days before "Christmas Eve", maschines for the carpentry and sewing shops and donated clothing arrive as an early Christmas present. Many heartfelt thanks to Uli Pickl and his wife, Monika Van der Werf.
Philipp Schreistetter arrives at the end of December to help set up the machines for our carpentry shop.
Philipp, a carpenter himself, explains to our carpenter Janasiri how to use the various machines.