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Phase 12: Januar / February  2002

A joyful reunion!
On 8 January, Michael Kreitmeir returns to Little Smile.
The smiles of the children and a bouquet of roses mark the beginning of 4 eventful months.
Order can be learned!
Elke Glabasnia, who can spend a month with us, starts working immediately. Checking all books and receipts takes lots of time.  
Eight new family members
In January we admit two little Tamil girls, Anita and Augustina. Champika and Maduschika (seen here at her admission interview) also get a chance in Little Smile.
A legacy for Little Smile
With a small celebration, the doorframe for the new sewing school is set. The school, which is so important for the future of our girls, is made possible through a foundation established by Michael Wildscheck before his death at just 34 years of age. His mother, Christel Wildscheck, promised this help after a visit in Little Smile last year and now keeps her promise.
Start of a new collaboration
Brother Gregory, leader of the "Brothers of Charity" in Sri Lanka (right, behind our cross) visits our village, along with Brother Nicolas and Lucian.
Lucian heads a home for handicapped children in Negombo.
After many discussions, Lucian declares his readiness to join Little Smile in March 2002 with responsibility for education and for finances.
Visit by the Franciscans
Wolfgang Spohn Haniel, accompanied by two Franciscans, ist the first representative of the Franciscan Mission Center to visit Little Smile.
Prasadh's Accident
Prasadh has a serious bicycle accident one morning when fetching bread.
After providing first aid in the girls' dormitory, we take Prasadh to a privat clinic in Galle since the local public hospitals cannot help him. It takes more than 6 weeks ntil Prasadh has recovered from his injuries.
A journey through squalor and desparation
Michael Kreitmeir and Bandula take advantage of a ceasefire to visit the war region. It is a journey through squalor and desparation (see the letter of February 2002).
Construction continues
At the end of February, construction begins on a small administration building.
Since the Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka finally recognized us as a non-profit organization on 14 February, Valentine's Day, all documents and many forms must be held constantly available.
With a heavy heart, Kit Young leaves Little Smile. The young Englishwoman interrupted her world tour for 4 weeks to give the children English lessons and to live and work in Little Smile.