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Phase 13: March / April 2002

Lucian starts working in Little Smile at the beginning of March. A trained home supervisor, he will be responsible for the childrens' education and for personnel.
Meaningful Help
Ms. Brigitte Lichtner comes to Little Smile for five weeks during which she contributes as architect and friend of the children. She designs a house for the older children, a hospital, furniture and clothes. She spends every free minute with the children, all of whom call her Luna
A new and better life
Especially the new children like Piyumi have lots of catching up to do, and not just in school. The first important step is to help her build a sense of trust.
Without fear
After experiencing need, squalor and often violence, little Nadi, Anita, Champika (back row, from left)
and Bawaani and Mali can finally trust adults without fear.
Where there is a will, there is a way!
Although not in the best of health and over 75 years old, Maria and Hermann-Josef Kreitmeir, the founder's parents, take on the strenuous journey to Sri Lanka and visit Little Smile for 3 weeks at the end of March.
Meeting Oma and Opa is an unforgettable experience for all, but especially for the children.
Humanity knows no fence
To reduce the need of so many! With the help of visitors like Maria und Peter Bonas and Heidi Pickl and other helpers, some of the direst need outside the village can be lessened with the distribution of food, medicine and clothing (but not money).
Being part of a vision.
Evi, a pediatric nurse from Wasserburg, begins in early April a 3-month practical training period in our village.
Thank You!
Thanks to the donation from Michael Wildscheck, which his mother made available to us, we are able to complete in April, after just 4 months of construction, all exterior work on the sewing school. A memorial plaque reminds us of the person whose generosity lets many of our girls learn skills for a better future.
Memorial to Michael Wildscheck

Text of the memorial plaque:
Love never dies!
I did not have much time.
By building this place for children in Little Smile,
I want to dry the tears of the people
I had to leave behind,
helping to change the tears of these children into a smile.
As long as these walls exist,
I will be a part of this special place.
And even if they fell one day,
I will live in every smile
that is given back to these children.

Dr. Michael Wildschek,
passed away at the age of only 34,
still alive in our hearts.
A Place for Gathering
Although set off in the forest, our temple area has become a central place for gathering.
Especially for our guests, the moments here are an unforgettable experience.
Journey into our childrens' past in the dry regions
Shortly before returning to Germany, Michael Kreitmeir visits the families of all the children who came to us almost 3 years ago from the region around Tissamaharama. He often encounters great need, as with Sandamali's family. The parents and five of their children live in a tiny straw hut.