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Phase 16:  January to April 2003

Together in life and for Little Smile
On 4 Januar 2003, Lucian Asanka and Dilka say “yes” to each other and wed. After a long discussion with Michael Kreitmeir, the newlyweds also say „yes“ to Little Smile. Dilka moves into the village at the end of January and begins her work caring for the children.
Chandrika was the first!
For 8 long weeks, our village was ravaged by chicken pox. By the end of January, 9 girls had already gotten sick. Our sewing school had to serve as a temporary clinic.
A refuge for animals too!
In Little Smile 2, still nearly virgin mountain forest near the village, our labourer Shuti discovers a deer and her fawn. Named after our guest Nina, we adopt the helpless little animal. Little Smile 2 will gradually become a retreat for endangered animals and plants.
At the end of January, Michael Kreitmeir files in Colombo the first application for recognition as a nature reserve.
Learning from each other!
Although here for only a few days, Andreas from Salzburg shares his knowledge and a few tricks with Maria und Anna. Maria and Anna then put in extra hours to pass on their new sewing capabilities to our teachers and children. It is so nice to see how even paying guests contribute to Little Smile. THANK YOU!
A medical check-up!
Not all illnesses can be cured with Ayurveda, the indigenous form of medicine. Many of our children also need the help of western medicine.
Peter Rottmann, a physician from Germany, was more than welcome. He had his hands full, and not only with chronic respiratory illnesses as in the case of Asha. A surgical procedure brought relief to Waliama.
Our first male staff member from Europe, Dominik Pfuhler is really learning his way around the village. If you get through the first two weeks and find a place in the group without special privileges, you can use the time in this other world for the good of others and yourself. Dominik is taking responsibility for several wood-working groups and is teaching several children carpentry.
Refuge for mothers with children.
Following Kumuduni and her son Lahiru, the Tamil woman Bawani is the second woman to find refuge with her children (twin boys Mikel and Robin, and Kumare who is handicapped) in Little Smile.
The pioneer in this effort was our teacher Damajanti, whose son Gajan also lives here and has shown us that Little Smile can also be a home for abandoned or single mothers with children, without any clique building or other negative consequences for the community.
In addition to her pre-school responsibilities, Dilka is assuming increasing responsibility for the care of the sick children. In addition to everyday bruises and viral infections, the care of Wiliama is a part of her daily responsibilities during the month of April.
Soon Dilka and other teachers will receive special training in caring for the sick and in first-aid.
In the first four months of 2003, 13 new children and two women found a new home in Little Smile, including our youngest boy Ranjith.
As with all children in Little Smile, he has rights but also responsibilities, and Ranjith has to help with the washing.
After 5 months in Little Smile, Michael Kreitmeir says good-bye again at the end of April.
So that nothing bad happens to Lokuthatha in distant Germany, Asha and Kumary give him a hurried Hindu blessing..