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Phase 17:  May to July 2003

Buddhist New Year Festival
Celebrations on 13 and 14 May.
Our little ones were also industrious and, together with Dilka, they display their lanterns proudly.
And they really are something to see!
Joint Prayer
On this holy day in Buddhism, monks from neighbouring towns come to Little Smile to pray with the children in our temple.
Joint Celebration
On this evening, the lanterns burn late in the village. Together with some of our staff, the older girls and boys stay up until midnight to greet the New Year.
When need knocks
Alerted to the situation by a Tamil teacher, we are able to bring 13-year-old Kala Ishvari to the village. 
Since the death of her father, this girl had lived for more than a year with her
disabled mother. 
They had no real house, and there had been repeated attempts to rape the girl.
In Little Smile, Kala can live in peace and learn.
A Smile for our Montessori
Dilka and our small children are very happy, because end of Mai the new furniture if ready.
Everybody can see that these children like to go to preschool. this time is very important, specially for our small Tamil children. Here they have the chance to learn Singhala, first time in life.
Working together
First visit of the president of a big organization for disable persons ( sitting in the wheel chair) and some of the teachers from Bandarawela at the 1st of June hopefully marks the start of a cooperation. We want to send some of our staff members to the education centre for sewing there, to improve their knowledge.
Big Surprise!
Banti, only 8 years old, is a „medical wonder“. The little girl got her first menstrual bleeding in the beginning of June. This is a small sensation and on Friday July, 4th we celebrate with the ritual washing ceremony. Because of the great significance of this event, Banti mother is allowed to join and spend time with the happy girl at Little Smile. Indrani, Bantis’ „Little Smile Mum”, stands in the background.
Große Freude herrscht bei Banti, da ihre Mutter zu dieser für Mädchen in Sri Lanka so wichtigen Zeremonie ins Kinderdorf kommen kann.
Im Hintergrund Bantis "Little Smile Mama" Indrani.
Repairs on "Villa Maria"
Enabled through a one-time donation made by Maria and Hermann-Joseph Kreitmeir ( parents of Little Smile founder) a new house in close neighborhood of Little Smile is purchased. The house is named „Villa Maria”. Immediately, urgent repairs and a major clean up are started so that Little Smile male employees can move in by Mid August.
Manuel Aya in Little Smile
ALL have anxiously awaited Manuals arrival.
The big brother (Aya) Manuel Kreitmeir, 16-year-old son of Little Smile founder, arrives end of July. Manual will not only spend his summer vacation with his Little Smile siblings but will also become an integral part of the Little Smile team, working as hard as everyone else. Every day 2 hours will be dedicated to learn Singhalese from teacher Bandula.
Journey back to the War Torn Areas
In Mid August, Manuel Kreitmeir and a group of children and caregivers travel together to the war torn areas in the north east of Sri Lanka. The children have the opportunity to reunite with their relatives. These meetings are often very emotional and heart wrenching. Trips as such are indented to provide the children the opportunity to confront their past and start a healing process that will continue for the rest of their life’s.
Another highlight during the trip is a meeting with the high priest of the Buddhist monastery of Dimbulagala.
Lucian und Dilka move into their new home
Finally it’s time. On August 22nd, Lucian Asanka and his wife Dilka move into the newly constructed house upside the vegetable garden.
All children and employees of Little Smile celebrate this joyous event. Lucian, holding the little Niroshani in his arm, and his wife Dilka on his site, are very excited about their new home.
Re–opening of the Sports Field
Also on August 22nd, the sports field which is located just beneath the temple is re-opened. Two volley ball games make the inauguration official.
Construction of a new home for the girls 15 years and older is planned for the area of the old sports field, which is located close to the rose fields. This new facility is aimed at assisting the young girls to develop independence and to prepare them for the transition into world outside of Little Smile.