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Phase 18:  August to December 2003

A New Life For Mother and Children
Abused and aboned by her husband, the Tamil Bawani together with her twin Mikel and Robin fled to Little Smile in January 2003. Little Smile was able to provide her and her children safety, home and employment. Today, Bawani is one of the most hardworking and jolliest employees who shares her love with all children of Little Smile.
This summer Niluka finally had to bury her dream to return to her old home one day. Frankly, there is NOTHING left for her to return to. After months of emotional crises with lots of tears the girl has found reasons to smile again. Not surprisingly, it was Music, which Nilu (Little Smile’s musician) chose to seek comfort in during this painful time. "Nilu" understands now that Little Smile is her home.
A New Task
End of September, Maja Hilke from Münster starts her voluntary service at Little Smile. The 18 year old faces a world where poverty, misery and violence are prevalent – images which till now only existed in stories and her imagination.
For about 6 month, Maja will teach English, work in the Honest-House for the Boys and assist with the accounting at Little Smile.
A New Life for Walli Ama
It’s September 25th and everyone in the Little Smile is happy for Walli Ama. The girl, who was brought to the village with badly infected burns just last November, celebrates her first menstrual bleeding. And even more significant: after 10 month Walli Ama has not only learned to speak but has also embraced a new life with honor and dignity.
"Villa Maria" ready for living
After a hard work for several months, the repairing of our house for employees is finished now.
Next to toilet and bathroom we were building also a separate room for male volunteers from abroad. This house is very closed to the children village.
A special WELCOME in the Koslanda temple
Early in November Michael Kreitmeir returns to the children village. In the Buddhist temple the founder of the children village is welcomed by a prayer and a plessing.
In November Susi Hauser (on the right) from Pfronten joins the Little Smile team .
The nurse will be living and working together with us for the next six months.
For a celebration in Singhalese school Susi was lent her first SARI by an other Matron. The second volunteer Maja dressed for this celebration in traditional clothes, also.
"STERNSTUNDEN" in Little Smile.
Actually Johanna Schneiderhan just wanted to pass greetings from the "Sternstunden-Team" in Munich. After feeling the special spirit of Little Smile the employee of the beneficial campaign of Bavarian broadcast stays even more than one week in the children's village.
Even it they have to spend a night provisionally on the floor, still these children are happy.
This smile is encouragement and reward for your hard work. It is also " a thank you" to all, who accompany us, because without help for these children would be no reason to be happy.
There is still much to do!
In the former war area but even in front of our own gate: The misery in Sri Lanka is present everywhere.
this young woman is unable to read or write. At the age of about 15 years, she was pregnant for the first time. Today, with not even 20 years, she has three children, is left from her husband and is lives on the street.
Like her mother, the little girls will experience only violence and hardship one day. The only way out from this cycle is education.
Milani - our Christmas-child 2003.
Exactly one week before Christmas, Little Smile is going to be a new home for the five-years-old Milani This girl from the former war area in the north of Sri Lanka, did not have any place of refuge anymore.
Even though there is little space in the children's village, the construction work of our new children's house was unfortunately delayed, Michael Kreitmeir decided to make Milani to his personal "Christmas gift".
Christmas in another way
was celebrated by the German volunteers Susi, Maja and Jürgen together with children and employees.
Even small gifts can bring real happiness!
Christmas corals and a special "Play of the story of Bethlehem" under the southern starry sky.
in Little Smile even the "holy three kings" get small gifts.
After the common celebration with all children and members of staff, the Christion children and employees wet to the holy mass at midnight in Haldumulla.
Our picture shows Lucian, giving a present to Chandrika, who was playing one of the holy kings.