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Phase 19: January to March 2004

Education for Women:
At the beginning of 2004 Little Smile has a new school project. Adult women can learn reading and writing through special course we offer.
High above the clouds:
High above the children's village, on top of a peak of a mountain we call HEAVENS DOOR, we have begun building a meditation temple. Here mistreated children will be able to find here, high above the clouds, inner peace and quiet.
Rebirth of the Smile:
For 4 months the small Milani has been with us. Out of this frightened girl comes a laughing child who has already for a long time adopted our caretaker Bawani.
Help for the Poorest:
After many early difficulties, the project, "Food for the old and for abandoned children", is now running without problems. For one it is not easy to master hiking for kilometers on paths through tundra and rain forests with a heavy backpack. Regularly the director of the children's village, Michael Kreitmeir, visits the "outer stations of mankind."
56 Years of Independence:
On 4 February Sri Lanka celebrates its Independence Day. Even so this country has been dominated by numerous crises during this time, half of which have been civil wars, happy flag-waving cannot be dampened with disappointment. In any case: on the peak of HEAVENS DOOR the older kids from Little Smile and their Lokuthatha greeted in the early morning the 56th year of Independence of Sri Lanka.
Anna, the small begger:
In a region of despair, Michael Kreitmeir discovered the 10 year old Anna Luximi with her sister. The little girl was forced through threat of beatings for the past years to beg in various cities in the country. The next step for Anna would be her introduction into prostitution. Michael Kreitmeir frees the children out of their prison and brings them to Little Smile.
On 13 March our sewing school and art classes had a large exhibition showing what they had learned in the last year. Michael Kreitmeir opened the exhibition together with the departing Lucian Asanka.
Lucian would like to finish his teaching degree in Colombo. We thank him and his wife, Dilka, for 2 years of engaged work at Little Smile and wish them the best.
Thanks to the help from the company "target agriculture" of Tom and Keike Gerbracht, a trainer of theirs was brought in to help with the future manufacturing of purely biological fertilizers as well as insecticides and herbicides.
Mr. Ramesch, the trainer from "target agriculture," explains to Indrani and our volunteer, Maja, how pineapple plants are prepared and planted. Within a week we are able to plant more than 2500 pineapple plants in the children village.
Until the end of March we want to convert our crops to a purely biological basis.
On 18 March it's ready to go! Two chainsaws and three weedwackers arrive in Little Smile. They were made possible through a donation from the Company Stihl and from Mr. Endress. Thanks, Study for this super help at the right moment!