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Phase 20: April to June 2004

Say farewell … and Thank you!
Already for the 5th time Peter Bonas came to Little Smile at the end of March / beginning of April. Together with his wife Maria and a small circle of friends this man from Unterweissenbach in Lower Austria is one of the best supporters/helpers of the children’s village. For the farewell on April 8th many children drew pictures and built handicrafts for the helpers from far away lands.
Bawani, a mother for many children
Before the Sinhalese New Year festival Bawani, our mother of 18 small Lucky house girls, is able to bring her own daughter Darshani to the children’s village. Bawani, a young widow, and her own 4 children Kumare, the twins Mikel and Robin and daughter Darshani found a home together at Little Smile.
Receive energy, let the soul fly
At the beginning of April the meditation place, about 150 meters above the children’s village, was finished. On April 10th the older children, some carergivers and Michael Kreitmeir stay overnight high above the clouds.
The Easter bunny also comes to Little Smile
In the children’s village the Easter bunny has long blond hair! Elke Kreitmeir and the volunteers make sure that, on Easter morning, all the children in Little Smile will find a small nest filled with coloured eggs.
Ein "Brother in white"
Marco Kreitmeir is here again and the small girls are very happy about that. Mali is astonished by how much Marco-Aja has grown since last year, and she likes to be carried by him.