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Phase 21: July to September 2004

Again back home!
For 6 weeks Michael Kreitmeir was in Germany. From the beginning of July Lokuthatha had returmed. The little girls in Lucky House give him a special, big hello. And the joy is reciprocal!
For a part of her vacation, the physical therapist Waltraud Vollant spent some time helping in the children's village in order to put her hands to the task. In the moment she dedicates a lot of time and all of her energy to weak and ill children, such as Lahiru here.
The poorest and love taking part together!
This is the deepest meaning of a help organization: over the course of time the children provide social services outside of Little Smile. Everywhere in the jungles surrounding Little Smile live old and sick people who simply helplessly vegetate there. Anna Luxmi knows this suffering out of her own experiences and so she does not avoid washing this old woman.