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Phase 27: January to March 2006

Good Bye 2005! A very difficult year comes to its end. As a symbol Sheran and Dulip are carrying an „old man“ to the new year’s campfire. Into the pockets of the straw puppet all children and staff members put papers mentioning the difficult and bad events of the old year. With this “old man” all negative of the past year is burned during the last minutes of the old year.
Now is the moment! In front of the STERNSTUNDEN house staff members, guests, volunteers and children welcome the year 2006 together with „Lokuthatha“ Michael Kreitmeir.
With a common prayer, which is spoken by representatives of all 4 world religions within Little Smile we are starting the New Year. From left: Michael Kreitmeir, Christian, teacher Dulip, Buddhist, matron Bawani, Hindu and sawing teacher Ramezza, Moslem.
Anoma was dropped off at Little Smile’s gate in summer of 2005. Since that day nobody has ever asked about this 3-year-old girl. We don’t know where she comes from but we together with all helpers and friends would like to make sure that she and all her Little Smile brothers and sisters will have a good future.
"You will know them by their deeds..." - and certainly not from oversized construction billboards. At the laying of the cornerstone for a hostpital in Kalumnai, our own advertising had to be a little improvised. On the same day at the opening of the widows' houses, the flags from Bavaria and Little Smile were waving on the beaches of Kalumnai. With more than 13 months after the tsumani catastrophe behind us, we are still busy on many fronts.
Our boat sets from the coast of India to fish. Help, which does not simply produce beggars, instead offers the chance to help one's self. 10 fishing families live directly or indirectly from the catch made by this boat. A protion of the profits flows into a project which supports educating tsunami widows.
"I have filled my wagon full..." On Independence Day, February 4, we drove up to our meditation place, Heaven's Door, with all our vehicles and all our children and employees. Here we will let the Sri Lankan flag wave in the wind and will consider that independence only makes sense when people are ready and capable to take the responsibility for their newly won freedom.
Week for week poverty knocks on the door of our children's village. More and more distitute women and their children are seeking protection and help from us. Danushe and Eveangeli had luck and in February, they found a new home and a 'second' father in Little Smile.
In life, you meet someone who makes your life richer - and what is meant by that is not business contracts. When Michael Kreitmeir met in Colombo the Media Commissioner from Sri Lanka in order to discuss productive steps against the slander campaign, he was impressed by the wisdom and clarity of the 85 year-old Mr. Sam. "I wanted to get to know you because you must be doing a great deal of positive work in order to cause so much intrigue and lies," was how the older man greeted Mr. Kreitmeir. "Do not waste your time and energy on enviers, liers and intrigues. They are simply not worth it. In the end, believe me, the Truth will always prevail."
Whether it is this Muslim, who lost his wife and three of his seven children, his house and all of his possessions in the tsunami, or is a destitute woman in the mountains of Sri Lanka who has neither shelter nor food for herself and her children...
Helping people to return a smile: that always gives you renewed energy which you always need in face of the mountain of things that still needs to be done.
Widows that have protection and in addition work: that gives them a new perspective on life! Near Butala Little Smile has cultivated wild land and removed the elephant grass so that the danger for grass fires is lessened. Now fences and roads will be built, as well as planting hundreds of mango and orange trees. By the end of 2006, further plantations, trainings centers and above all, houses for widows with their children, are to follow.
There is a language that all people understand and that is the language of action. In the last 7 years, Little Smile has done a great deal in the mountains of Badulla. The poorest of the removed Tamil villages have found an advocate for their desperation in Michael Kreitmeir. They believe the white man from a distant land because he does not simply make promises.
So long as there are children like these two girls who no one really looks after, who just try to survive and then suffer the same sad fate as their mother, so long there are children like these in Sri Lanka, Little Smile, and the hopeful smile it brings, will be needed in this country.