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Phase 29 July to September 2006

Like an island in the crisis region! Unwavering we are continuing to build the utility building for the Ashraff Memorial Hospital in Kalmunai. Neither the increasing tensions between Tamils and Sinhalese nor the marshy building area could stop the construction work on this three-story building, which is hosting beside the medicine storage also an auditorium and all facilities for cleaning and sterilising. While many other projects in this crisis region are interrupted or even stopped, we can continue because the organisation “Pharmacists without borders” keeps their promises even in difficult times.
In July and August the harvest of our pepper takes place and all are helping. While boys are collecting the fruits from the lianas in vertiginous heights, girls are cleaning and drying the crop. The main part of the work is done by paid day workers, we are expecting a total of 10 tons. Thanks to the company AVO that will in the future also buy biological spices like cloves and vanilla from us. Please support our efforts of help for self-help through buying the Little Smile suasage.
Dialogue instead of confrontation! While tensions are growing outside, in Little Smile a Buddhist monk met two Tamil samis (priests) and two catholic sisters in mid July. Only together the huge problems of this country can be solved. Respect and tolerance as well as the will to learn from each other, these impulses should come from Little Smile and therefore we will intensify such meetings.
Her country is calling! After 9 months a special time for Petra Hofbauer from Austria is over. Neither the differences in mentalities nor in languages or the missing discipline in Sri Lanka despaired the manager from the Alpine Republic. With incredible perseverance and patience Miss Petra Hofbauer coordinated the accounts, organized the head office and gave numerous tips and clear structures to our local management. With regret we say good-bye to our “office Petra” and say thanks, like here with a T-Shirt, where all colleagues of the past 9 months signed.
Hope starts with a little smile. More than school bags is needed to give a chance to these girls in Palugamam, but those are also necessary and have to be brought to the crisis region. Just in time when the new children house is completed Michael Kreitmeir is arriving with a lorry, bringing furniture, school items and medicine as well as presents from Füssen to the area, which is controlled by the rebels, to our girls home Waniba.