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Phase 35: January to March 2008

Our Christ Child 2005 grew up. Without fear could our foundling Darushani the first two years growing up; so the small girl looks without fear what will bring future.
The seriousness of Life starts with a smile for (from left) Panthum, Saroja, Asanka, Anoma and Janathan. We hope that the happiness of these 5-year-olds about learning will go on.
On 15th of January "Thai Pongal", the Tamil New Year festival is held. Together Tamil and Shinalese boys are watching their Lokuthatha while opening the coconut in a symbolic way. In the country itself the winds are hard; many Tamils fear that the escalating civil war is also negative to their rights and their life in a mainly Sinhalese country.
A festival for animals! One day after Thai Pongal useful animals, especially cows, are decorated. Also their owners are wearing festival cloths and spoil their animals, which they have to say thank you for all their help during the year, with a banquet. Also our farm in Dikkapitia is practicing this nice old custom.
For 5 years the huge rice field beside the Temple was a fallow field. No-one wanted to do this hard work, to remove weeds, thorns and bushes to start from scratch. Little Smile started to be a good example, went and stood. Soon will grow rice again, where you could only find weeds before.
Very happy were the girls in the Little Smile homes in Palugamam. Many months this region was completely cut off from the rest of the world, heavy fights took place on the east coast, bomb lasts and fear. Despite Michael Kreitmeir could go through and encouraged them as well as helped to solve main problems. Mid of February Mr. Kreitmeir could bring the most needed things, which were lost when one of the Little Smile houses was destroyed.
Despite inflation and numerous other problems construction work in many projects of Little smile go on. Soon renovation will be completed in Sahana Nivasa, our house of security for girls in the centre of Galle. Three letters, BSH, Bosch Siemens Hausgeräte, meaning the employees of this company made this possible.
Patience and insistency are asked for a new construction of a hospital building in Kalmunai at the east coast. Thanks to the organization Pharmacists without boarders; this building can grow in face of difficulties. Till end of the year 2008 we hope also to complete this construction project successfully.
It is raining and raining and raining! This is very bad for construction work, but very good for cultivation of spices during dry season. These field workers not only have to fight against weeds. Also leeches are growing and are waiting hungrily on everybody crossing the jungle.
Jararathne finished school end of 2007. The small boy who joined Little Smile in 2000 became a strong young man, who started a traineeship in the children’s village. After the death of his grandmother, Jararathne doesn’t have any relatives, Little Smile is his family. Somehow for this young man also his two godfathers from Germany, who are presented proudly by him on the photo, belong to his family.
Trust is the start of everything!
Sometimes a photo is saying more than 1000 words.
Elke and Marco Kreitmeir are sitting already for testing in the new Little Smile school building. On beginning of April, when it will be opened officially, Marco has to be back again in the German Gymnasium in Eichstätt. Easter Holidays were very short this year and so there is not much time for their visit.
On Good Friday children in Little Smile are lightening on 14 stations of pain a candle, here you can see Banti. Why Jesus was let down by all his friends at that time, many children cannot understand. This day also is a silent remembrance for all victims of the fights in the north and east of the island.