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Phase39: January to March 2009

Learn with pleasure! With curiosity and excitement, the three to five year olds learn in pre-school. Hopefully they can one day use this energy to save the sad and chaotic daily life that dominates the schools outside.
The chance to learn despite failing public schools! Since the public schools cannot fulfill their teaching obligations, more than 60% of class hours are incomplete due to the simple lack of teachers. Little Smile strengthens its efforts to teach the young people in afternoons and especially on the weekends, whether in the garden, at the work bench or even on the computer like here.
You do not know what you can do until you try! It has become a tradition that the boys from the children’s village win the regional marathon competition. In 2009 Damith (left in the yellow shirt) won again as he did in 2008. Jararathne, in 2008 finished 4th, this year finished 2nd. Under the first ten were 3 other boys from our children’s village. Here he was being told not to give up, to push on through and to believe in himself.
Building and building without end! A wall was built stone for stone to the summit of Heaven’s Door. We were sure not to obstruct the outlook point and place of meditation not far from the boys’ homes. Much more, the rock fill and dry walls were expanded and planted.
A new toddlers' house! After the big boys were moved, the house was open and immediately the small kids came in. Especially exciting for the girls and boys under 5 years was the big play terrace.
Seeing each other again is wonderful! Many of our earlier children who, thanks to Little Smile, have found their place in life, come to visit regularly. Niluka, the shy half-orphan from the earlier war region, is today a self-sufficient young woman. Because of her good English skills, she has found a good job in Colombo and can even support her sick mother.
Organic spices against suffering! The economic crisis has long sent its shadow over developing countries like Sri Lanka. The country already had great problems with the high war expenses. In addition is the arrival of foreign workers. The fall in prices for tea, rubber and textiles creates a shrinking source of currency. It is therefore even more important that in these difficult time Little Smile offers work and further sources of income in this poorest of provinces in Sri Lanka. That is why the organization has strengthened its farm projects in organic spices like here in Dikkapitia.
Lots of work and a good harvest! Together with the neighbors and all the workers who helped in planting and harvesting the rice fields, the first rice from this harvest was eaten down in the fields. Just in time for the great drought, the harvest could be brought into the children’s village.
Working together is the goal! It took a little while but finally it worked out. Michael Kreitmeir visited the earlier comrade-in-arms, Elfriede Süß, in the Unesco Village near Koslanda on the south coast. After the tsunami Mrs. Süß had directed the construction of this village and fights still to this day so that this project continues to bring help to the region.
With enthusiasm and diligence, the children from a remote village school were able to qualify for a national music competition. But since the parents are too poor to afford a uniform, the children would have been disqualified. Once again it is Little Smile who gave their efforts a chance. The girls and boys proudly won 2nd place as singing ambassadors from Little Smile.
In 2009 Sandra and Peter Hirschmann also visited the project in Pilane near Galle that was made possible through the Wacker Help Fund. Classes in the Training and Educational Center have already begun. Three further buildings in the educational center will be completed during the rest of the year.
It was a long and often difficult road. Stone for stone the Center in Pilane grew: streets, fountains, walls, gardens, a main building and two educational halls. Still there is a lot to do until the end of 2009 when the last big construction projects of the Little Smile Association in connection with the donations from the tsunami catastrophe are completed.
Once again the oil lamps are lit for another dedication, thanks to Little Smile and their donations. In Nikapotha, a poor mountain village, most families do not have the essentials to live. Nothing is left over to educate the children. It is therefore a great occasion and a sign of hope for the people and children there when the manager of Little Smile Organic, Mr. Shiran de Silva, opened the small village school.
It has finally come! Our 11 year old girls Damika, Warunia, Pavitra, Bawani and Milani get their first earrings. For girls in Sri Lanka it is a disgrace when one is older than 10 and does not have this jewelry. It is understandable then that their joy is great, especially for the war orphan Milani whose caretaker places the longed for earrings in her ear.
The three year old Ravi has also been given a chance in the children’s village. Day for day one can experience the changes as the fearful and disturbed child turns into a curious and aware boy. Especially with the small children in the Wisdom House, one can see that every effort for the children is worth it.
In front of the Hospital Little Smile Aloka (Aloka means light) gather doctors of traditional medicine. In this project near the city of Buttala, they will offer assistance in 8 areas as well as education in a region that is known for terror attacks, famines as well as the highest suicide rate in the country.