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Phase 45: October to December 2010

Although monkeys pose a real plague for the children’s village in the meantime, because they destroy fruit , vegetable and even paddy fields or roofs, Michael Kreitmeir couldn’t resist helping the monkey baby he had found half starved and with a broken leg near the chapel. In the beginning feeding with a syringe was rather laborious, but the little lad learned very quickly. Shrima and Luxmi took over caring for the monkey and gave it the name RAGU.
The sisters of Kalmunai had prayed quite a lot for Michael Kreitmeir – and it had helped! Immediately after the fourth hearing before the Monaragala Court, Michael Kreitmeir visited the Carmel convent in Kalmunai. The Little Smile Association is building an international school for the Order, and from there Michael Kreitmeir started on August 17th and fell into the trap of the Tamil minister. In the middle of October work was resumed and Michael Kreitmeir thanked the sisters for their support during that difficult time.
Work is progressing too on the major construction site in Pilane near Galle. The construction of the peace centre’s big hall was also interrupted when Michael Kreitmeir was arrested. When finally in October the work was resumed, heavy rains started and last till the end of the year. Despite all these difficulties this unique project – a meeting and peace centre – is supposed to be finished until May 2011.
All these attacks and diffamations had also a good side: The repeated checks of the children’s village made pretty clear, what a special place for children in need it thas become over the years. And thus the Sri Lankan Youth Welfare Office was asking for specific trainings of its emloyees.
Here Saradha (in a blue sari) is explaining to leaders of other children’s homes how to organize a practical and reasonable daily routine.
The 11-year old Rebecca is one of the best dancers of the children’s village. This year the dance and theatre group gave a special performance. The objective was to make a special Christmas gift and bring some joy to the people in prison – and thus from mid-November on there was busy practicing.
Immediately after his acquittal on December 17th, Michael Kreitmeir visited his former fellow prisoners at Monaragala prison. During the past four month nothing had changed it seemed – even clocks run differently behind bars.
In order to improve the catastrophic health care situation of the prisoners, Little Smile donated medical equipment and medicine worth € 5,000 to the prison. When Michael Kreitmeir fell ill while he was imprisoned, he learned through his own personal experience how badly the ill are treated there, because they have not much more to offer than some painkillers.
Bring Christmas to the people who have to live without joy, hope and love. Roughly 40 children from Little Smile celebrated Christmas Eve together with 650 prisoners and their guards in the prison of Monaragala. The nativity play, the songs and poems also were intended to thank for the fact that their “Lokuthatha” is free again and able to celebrate Christmas with them.
The 23-year old children’s nurse Selina was not afraid to come to the children’s village in October in order to give her support. With “her moonlight girls” she rehearsed a shadow-play, in which especially the weaker girls were allowed to participate and thus contribute to a wonderful Christmas party at the children’s village.
Christmas is everywhere – just as there was no place to go for a mother in need and she had to seek shelter in a stable to give birth to her child – our saviour – still today there are numerous children without a home. On the 26th of December Walliama knocked on our gate in an extremely neglected state. She carried a baby in her arms, who was infested by parasites just like the mother herself was. So both of them first were bathed and got medical treatment. Again it was the only 23-year old Saradha who took care of everything, and as so many times before she grew out of her limits this time too.
We have reached the end of a really difficult year. Attacs, accusations, persecution, all these evil things could not avoid the steady growing of the smile for Sri Lanka and the continuing of the Little Smile projects. So employees, pupils and children met in the different institutions of the aid organization to thank for the fact that in 2010 too they have not been left alone and noticed that humanity still has a place in this world. The picture shows the graduation celebration at the training centre for traditional medicine in Buttala.
For these two young ladies 2010 was a good year! They have found a place where they can grow up with love and get an education. So here’s a big smile for Little Smile!