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Phase 51: April to July 2012

Look how nicely the big girls from the Green Star House have dressed up to congratulate their Lokuthatha on Father’s Day. What would have become of them if Michael Kreitmeir had not turned his back on his safe life in Germany years ago and stretched out his hands to children like them?
Five puppies in the boy’s home on Hill Top. With three male and two female dogs our German shepherd, Rocky, was very successful with her first litter. Even if they are not pure-bred, because in the decisive moment Rocky disappeared for a few hours, they are very welcome at Hill top and the boys are proud of the new family members.
As is often the case in Little Smile – responsibility does not end with the opening and handover of a facility. Thus, the organization still takes care of the Maria Theresia College in Kalmunai. At the celebrations on the ocasion of its 6-months existence, Michael Kreitmeir establishes a computer room much to the delight of sister Lukretia.
“...pray, laugh, think of me, pray for me so that my name is pronounced ...... Life means what it always was. The thread is not cut. Why I no longer want to be in your mind, just because I no longer am in your sight? I'm not far away, just on the other side of the road."
Every Sunday morning, when children, child minders and Michael Kreitmeir gather in the small chapel, their thoughts are with those people who are on the other side of the road but nonetheless very near.
It will not be long before – at the beginning of July – harvesting begins for many spices such as vanilla and pepper. Due to the prolonged drought and the extensive slashing and burning water is scarce already in June and therefore, it is becoming more and more difficult to water all the plants in the children’s village. Therefore, the child minder, Saradha, explains the children of the garden group how to determine the actual status of plants, in this case the vanilla plants.
At the beginning of July the forest fires reach the boy’s home Hill Top and destroy a mayor part of the tea plantations, which the boys together with Bawani have established with great efforts. Almost all these fires have been started deliberately, either to force wild animals out of their shelter or simply for the joy of destruction. Bawani and Dilshan cannot understand why so many people just close their eyes and destroy their own basis for life as well as that of the next generations.
This picture is just a nice memory! After 5 years trees and bushes, flowers and lianas had gorgeously spread all around the natural house in our reserve area. The constant destruction of their habitat, however, brings more and more wild elephants to this place. And then, at the beginning of July “Little Smile for Wild Animals” cannot cope with the giant’s pressure and rage. In just one single night a part of the park has been completely destroyed, hundreds of trees uprooted and the two houses damaged.
At the beginning of July the pepper harvest starts. Not only the prolonged drought, but also more and more thefts reduce the results of an entire year’s work. And therefore, everybody helps to harvest the pepper corns, clean and dry them and thus make a small contribution to keep the smile in a place where the pepper grows.
For the first time Little Smile’s spices, like white and black pepper, cloves and cinnamon are packaged in cans and sold directly to Germany. Each single can will refine some meals in Germany and at the same time give children in Sri Lanka the chance to live a better life in the future. And the fact that Shiran Silva, the boss (see left photo), sets an example helping with the packaging, clearly shows that Little Smile Organic is not comparable to any other company.
For almost two years now we have been working on the new factory building in Dikkapitia. There were always and still are many things which were more important. Nonetheless, the impressing building is slowly taking shape – in July was the topping-out ceremony.
Only people who know their roots and draw strength out of them, thus being able to confront with true values a world which is more and more dominated by consumption, will find answers to the really important questions of our life – answers which endure. Read more in the article "A life for children, culture and nature (in German)".