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Phase 53: October to December 2012

There is intense activity currently at the Little Smile project ALOKA (light), the Ayurveda hospital in the steppe near Buttala, where teachers and students can hardly keep up with the production of traditional medicine. Particularly during the rainy season bacteria and viruses multiply and many people are suffering from colds and skin rashes. Unfortunately Sri Lankans also tend to use strong antibiotics with many negative side effects too quickly and too often although there is a far better alternative – the treatment with herbs and oils from plants usually takes longer but mostly also cures the sources and has no undesirable side effects. And therefore, it is so important for Little Smile to preserve this ancient knowledge and teach and apply it in the only private teaching hospital for traditional medicine.
Each time a child is taken from the Little Smile family it hurts, because we know that they still need protection and guidance and that they were really happy here in Mahagedara. But unfortunately, Sri Lankan children are often treated like the property of their parents. Even if a mother had disappeared many years without trying to get in touch and although there is no more relation between her and her child, as soon as she decides to get HER CHILD back public authorities do not ask if the mother is able to take care of her child or if the living conditions are good for the child or what would be the best for the child. The child belongs to the mother and so with a heavy heart we have to let the child go into a usually sad future.
An 80-year old teacher who easily does a handstand and dominates the drums like nobody else in the region has rightly earned the admiration of all his pupils. For 75 year Gmakaranage Nandalal is practicing Yoga and has reached perfection and mastership. Before strength disappears and life finally is over, the master of meditation decided to pass on his knowledge and the children’s village seems to be the perfect place for him.