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Phase 58: January to March 2014

We look back reflectively on the year 2013, which went by really fast. The opening of the meditation centre Meth Sevana near Galle was an outstanding moment. What will the next year contain for that place and all the other projects of Little Smile?

The turn of the year was celebrated in the Children’s Village completely without alcohol and fireworks. Sitting around a campfire the people sang and told stories. At midnight tea and biscuits were served.

Unfortunately it hadn’t worked until Christmas, but at the beginning of the new year all big girls in Mahagedara helped together. They dragged sand and stones to do their bit at the house building of former Little Smile child Walli Amma.

The Children’s Village accommodated four new children at the beginning of the year. Shortly after that the serious side of life started for the first time. They were a bit frightened of school and therefore our experienced Matron Bawani accompanied them. Many of the children, who were brought here, have never been to school and it isn’t easy to catch up on it in schools with crowded classes and poorly trained teachers.

A declared visit of really interested people is possible and thus entrepreneur Stefan Voelkel came and was astonished by the farm and the natural sanctuary. The producer of natural juices was extraordinary impressed by the Children’s Village and the plenty possibilities of training, which are provided there, such as the art of woodcutting.